Clarence and Hilda Willems moved to BC in 1940’s and bought a plot of land owned by Hilda’s father Frank Ewert, the future site of Willems Berry Farm. Here they built a small farmhouse, and raised their 8 children. They grew raspberries on this land for almost 40 years. Then in the mid 80’s, Clarence and Hilda’s son, Jack, and his wife Irene moved onto the farm. Jack and Irene have grown raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries for 35 years on the farm. They raised their 3 kids here and are now helping to raise 4 grandchildren.

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At Willems Berry Farm, we strive to grow our crops in a healthy and sustainable manner. We are committed to the continued viability of our land, our business, and our community. 

On the farm, we practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a decision-making process for managing pests in an effective, economical and environmentally sound way. We employ scouts to monitor our fields, report back on insect and disease pressure, and advise on possible control options, if they are needed. 

Presently and in the past, we have collaborated with researchers from ES Cropconsult, the University of the Fraser Valley, BC Ministry of Agriculture, and Agriculture and Agrifood Canada. We are committed to local agriculture in the Fraser Valley, and are open to collaborations with community partners. 

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