This year we are taking extra precautions as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Read below to find out how we are doing our part to curb the spread.

We are doing our best to follow the guidelines of the BCCDC, WCB, and the Public Health Officer. If you notice us doing something (or not doing something) that you don't think is following these guidelines, please feel free to call and ask us about it! All these changes are new to us at the farm and we gladly accept your feedback during this transition. 


We will be asking our u-pickers to follow the rules of the farm in order to be safe and stay healthy while on the farm. 

  1. Please stay home if you are feeling ill. 

  2. Stay 6 feet apart from others. Please be respectful, and give people lots of space. If you are finished picking in a berry row and do not have enough space to walk back through the row without maintaining a 6-foot distance between other customers, please exit the row at the far side of the property and walk back along the side of the field. 

  3. Check in with staff before going into the field. They will show you where to pick. 
  4. Wash your hands before going into the field and maintain good hygiene while picking. Avoid touching your face after you have washed your hands. Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. There are various handwashing stations located around the farm.

  5. Please do not touch any fruit that you don’t intend on picking.

  6. Families, including children, must stay together with their family unit and try to minimize contact with other customers and staff. 

We will be monitoring the farm closely to ensure that customers have enough space to be able to maintain an adequate physical distance from others.

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This year we have new policies and procedures in place to keep our farm safe and healthy for both employees and customers. These policies were created based on recommendations made by the Ministry of Agriculture, BCCDC, and BC Public Health Officer. 

We will be increasing the frequency of hand-hygiene and sanitization of high-touch surfaces such as the check-out area, scales, and bathroom. We are requiring our employees to maintain physical distancing whenever it is possible. If physical distancing is not possible, we will be requiring face-shields to be worn, and for our employees to work in small designated teams. Employees who are picking berries for orders are trained on proper hand-hygiene and glove use. Our staff is encouraged to stay home if they have any symptoms of COVID-19, even if very mild.